When should you update your will or have one drafted?

October 23, 2016 Carolee

wills-pictureWhen should you update your will or have one drafted?
• You recently got married or are living with someone.
• You are in the process of getting divorced, or are separated from your partner.
• You have started a business or it has now expanded.
• You want to appoint a guardian or set up a trust fund for your children to ensure they are protected and cared for should anything happen to you.
• Alternatively, your child/children have now have reached the age of majority and no longer need the provisions you put in place while they were still minors.
• You wish to appoint or change the executor or trustees of your estate.
• You have pets and would like to ensure that they are taken care of.
• You want to protect your estate from paying excessive taxes or debts, or becoming insolvent.
• You want to contribute to a charity or donate your organs after death.
• You want to make specific arrangements regarding your burial or cremation.
• You wish to include or draft a living will, in the event of serious medical impairment.
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