Antenuptial Contracts

September 11, 2016 Carolee


Wedding season is around the corner and lots of couples have a wonderful time to look forward to.


There is however still a legal consideration for all couples to make, with regards to Antenuptial Contracts, or in short “ANC”.


The ANC is an essential document which determines whether your marriage will exist in community of property or out of community of property, with or without the accrual system.

There are several benefits for couples to enter into an Antenuptial Contract, and at Reyneke Attorneys, we can assist you with this process and guide you along the way.


Some of these benefits include:

  • If either party is declared insolvent, the other spouse is protected from the insolvent spouse’€™s creditors;
  • An Antenuptial Contract can be drafted in such a way so as to cater for your unique and individual circumstance.
  • The respective spouses will not be held liable for any debt that the other spouse might have incurred prior to the marriage;
  • Spouses will not be held liable for any debt that the other spouse may incur during the marriage;
  • Assets that, for sentimental or financial reasons, the spouses do not want to form part of a joint estate can remain separate;
  • Spouses will not need to obtain each others consent when dealing with their own property.
  • Antenuptial contracts remove the risk in regard to all the spouses combined assets, should one of the spouses undertake a business venture, allowing for the protection of assets from creditors;
  • Each spouse is able to retain his or her individual financial identity.

We offer specialized, cost effective and personalised services for couples wishing to enter into an ANC. Feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote and peace of mind that the legal aspects of your marriage are in safe hands.


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